KIT – a web app proposal

In our work building and supporting the NSIC online Portal, we at Big Media have suggested the creation of a new offline web app as a next stage development.

Essentially this app – called KIT – is planned to contain key information concerning various aspects of living with SCI.  An initial focus is set to cover some main areas of care, plus address and explain some of the complications that are particular to SCI.

As the KIT web app will be specially designed to be available offline, this means users of the app will have vital information available at all times to help explain and manage aspects of care at the point where it will be most needed.

KIT will behave very much like a traditional app on a Smartphone, with the ability to add a specific icon to the home screen of your handset.  Furthermore, because it will be built using mobile-friendly web techniques and our special blend of technical herbs and spices called Chameleon software, KIT will be readily usable and accessible on Android, iPhone / iPad, Blackberry, Windows mobile as well as computers and other tablet devices.