‘Happiness in Healthcare’ Project takes off – Hearts in Healthcare

If blogs were ever really intended for anything it must be to share good ideas quickly or at least to raise awareness of ideas that need to be discussed without going through layers of bureaucracy and delays.

While medicine is full of highly technical achievements and they themselves are not without their own controversies at the moment it is easy to overlook good ideas and practice which can make a significant difference to both people with spinal cord injury (PwSCI) and staff.
The Happiness in Healthcare project can at first glance seem sweet and sickly and too touchy-feely for some people the results and benefits of compassion in healthcare which includes the person in both staff and PwSCI are strong, robust and make a difference in practice.

Reducing staff absence by even a small percentage can have a massive difference on the running of a ward with experienced staff not vacancies or agencies . Think about the difference of having a person who knows what they are doing makes to patients and staff on a day to day basis! I would ask everyone to look at this site and think of being involved. I feel we would all benefit from it.