Spinal Cord Injuries and the Internet


When you are living with a spinal cord injury (SCI), it can be incredibly lonely at times. You may be on bed rest for months at a time following operations; you may no longer be able to participate in the sports and activities that you once enjoyed; Continue

SCI News Summer 2015


The Summer SCI Newsletter 2015 is out now, you can view or download it here to keep in touch with a range of news and events, including (amongst many other items):

How Technology Can Aid Rehabilitation


How Technology can aid rehabilitation

There is a misconception by many people that a spinal cord injury (SCI) means complete paralysis. Whilst this is true for a ‘complete’ spinal cord injury, Continue

New law on drug driving


A new law on driving after taking certain drugs (including some medicines – see below) is coming into force in March 2015. This law states that it is an offence to drive with certain drugs Continue

KIT – a web app proposal


In our work building and supporting the NSIC online Portal, we at Big Media have suggested the creation of a new offline web app as a next stage development. Continue

‘Happiness in Healthcare’ Project takes off – Hearts in Healthcare


If blogs were ever really intended for anything it must be to share good ideas quickly or at least to raise awareness of ideas that need to be discussed without going through layers of bureaucracy and delays. Continue

NSIC-Online – what’s it all about?


For many years the education programme at the National Spinal Injuries Centre was based on the lectures which gave you the “Red Book” on completing and was your passport to home. It was the ‘everything you needed to know’ book! Continue